Ceramic Silicon Nitride Outer Ring With V Groove Pulley

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材质 氮化硅 (Si3N4)
颜色 黑色
尺寸 5x30x15mm
精确 0.008mm
最高温度 800℃(1472F)
偏转度 12um
垂直度 12um
圆环度 10um
相似 12um
应用领域 Wire and cable production industry, wire drawing machine. Strong wear resistance, high hardness, long life. Pulled copper wire is smoother
RoHS标准 符合
成分 Aluninum (Al) 2.0~3.5%
Yttrium (Y) 4.0~5.0%
Titanium (Ti) 1.0~1.5%
Oxygan (O) 4.5~6.0%
Carbon(C) 0.3~0.8%
Other impurities less than 0.1%
The rest is silicon nitride
密度(g/cm3) ≥3.20
硬度(Hv) 1400~1600
抗弯强度(Mpa) >800
抗压强速(Mpa) >4000
弹性系数(Gpa) 300~315
断裂韧性(Mpa.m1/2) 6~8
Cofficient of thermal expansion(10-6/℃) 2.2~3.0


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